⏱Skincare for the Girl Without Time⏱

We all struggle with the occasional breakout, dry spot, zit, or straight-up frustration with our skin. I know I do, at least! Between late-night class, workouts, travel, harsh East Coast seasons, and hormones, skin often times comes dead last on my list of want-to-deal-withs. After trials and tribulations, I found a simple set of products that work for me and my routine. I might not use each and every day, but I always have them on hand and in stock. Here are my recommendations to my favorite busy and working ladies!

Night cream, under-eye serum, and good ole fashion cold cream are a few of my favorites.

1. Philosophy Purity Face Cleanser

My mother is one of four sisters and philosophy has been a trademark at every Christmas for years. Trust me (and us), this stuff is GOLD! There’s a reason this is #1 on my list with half of my friends using it religiously. Their products are pricey but undeniably good. I use Purity every day in the shower to clean off my makeup and wash my face of the day’s dirt and dust.

2. Philosophy Purity Renewed Hope in a Jar (day and night)

These two are newer to my list, but they smell delicious, leave my face feeling hydrated and smooth, and I feel assured I’m taking preventative measures for skin aging. There is a day version and an evening version of Hope in a Jar – one of Oprah’s favorite products!

3. Beekman1802 Charcoal Face Scrub

I am pretty much obsessed with the Beekman Boys, their lives, their goats, their products, their home. . . everything (and so is my mother). We’re planning a trip to their historic estate when the spring rolls around. Their products are natural, extremely fragrant, and made with goats milk. Their lotions moisturize, their soap suds, and their scrubs clean. . . what more could you want!? Beekman1802‘s charcoal scrub made my list because it gives me a deep clean after a long week of city air and workouts. Its gritty texture and gel-like form are THE perfect combo. I’m doing a dedicated post on their products in a few weeks. . . here’s a teaser.

Beekman1802’s product lineup in my bathroom and bedroom.

4. Pond’s Cold Cream

In 1888, journalist Nellie Bly traveled the entire globe and won awards for sharing her accounts with the world. I learned about her from one of my favorite podcasts! The only (and largest) beauty item she took on her travels was cold cream. Both my mom and grandmother use(d) cold cream religiously and I really don’t think there’s a more versatile product. It can actually take waterproof mascara off without water or soap. . . it’s insane!

5. Purity Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye

One of the worst things EVER about getting older is noticing dark circles and lines around my eyes. . . especially after a crazy long week. Philosophy’s eye serum helps fight puffiness and makes me feel like I’m doing my due diligence against aging and crows feet.

6. Purity Time in a Bottle

I’ll admit. . . this came as a free product along with other Philosophy products I’ve purchased along the way, but I’ve come to love its natural nature of preventing aging and fighting against the toxins of everyday wear on your skin. A little goes a long way with this serum and applying right before bed makes me feel refreshed and clean.

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